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Fret sizes

Looking for some recommendations and/or experience with fret sizes. I have a Gibson Jam Master, which is the second mandolin I’ve owned. The frets are somewhat smaller than those found normally on a Mandolin - I think this is by design, although I’m not sure why. I’m considering a change to either banjo frets or guitar frets - the idea being that larger frets allow for easier noting (???). I know of one mandolin builder who always uses banjo frets, and one that always uses guitar frets. Which one is larger, and would that make a difference? Thanks.

I have a mandolin with larger than typical wire. It is pretty similar to Martin guitar wire. Unfortunately, I can’t give a before/after comparison as it came that way from the start. With that said, I like the way it plays. It frets very easily. It should wear better (more material).