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Fresh Gospel - That Rising Tide

New Gospel Song, first of twelve for the New Year.
Billy Shaw

That Rising Tide
(Billy Shaw 2020)

They say a rising tide lifts all boats in the harbor
You know a rising tide treats every boat the same
Well I’m on That Rising Tide that takes me straight to Jesus
I’m on That Rising Tide that takes me straight to God
I’m on That Rising Tide
On an everlasting ride
I’m sailing on to Glory
I’ve got Heaven on my side
All our boats are gonna make it
And we’ve got a righteous course
And our Captain won’t forsake us
He’s our God forever more

There’s a course that’s dark and stormy
And there’s a course that’s filled with Light
When you choose the course you’re sailing
Take the one you know is right
It’s on you to hold the tiller
It’s on you to plot your line
If you take that course to Jesus
You’ll leave all your sins behind

You’ve got friends who won’t be with you
You’ve got friends you’ll leave behind
You’ve got enemies who hate you
They’ll heap worries on your mind
But you’ve got a friend in Jesus
And He’s telling you this news
That He’ll navigate you safely
On your everlasting cruise


Nice job! :grin::+1:t2:


That’s a great song, I should make songwriting goals, My goal is to record the song I wrote last year with my “band”, and write a song about my favorite railroad, the D&H.


I would favor a Songwriting Section in the Forum categories, with “Gospel” broken out along with a couple of Americana breakouts, like,… RAILROAD SONGS. Definitely a “Songs about My Dog” category, and maybe one for Trucks.



It is now self-critique time, pretty much in the spirit of the making and posting of the video. Since no one else has mentioned this, I’ll cut to the chase myself.

  1. My posture in this video is poor to the point of unacceptable. It has affected my tone and introduced noticeable fret-buzz that goes away when I hold the guitar properly. The sides of my fret-hand pinky and ring finger are actually the culprits making that annoying fret buzz. This is the last time I will ever play from this posture (or lack of…). The only thing I can say about it is that it does expose more of my t-shirt.

  2. This is the second video I’ve ever made. I bought the camera about six weeks ago. The day I bought it, I filmed a song as shown on the right. THIS is the posture I think I should play with (where “normally” is a real loose term considering I’ve been playing guitar for about eight months). The tone is better in this other video, and there’s nowhere near the amount of fret buzzing going on.


What I’ve learned from making and watching this video

If I were a guitar teacher and a student showed me this, I would jump on the posture thing, just like I’m doing now. I don’t know what induced me to play from that position, but I’m going back to the one on the right. Well, I kinda take that back… I DO know why I played like that; my shoulder was hurting me and I was experimenting with alternate positions that would alleviate the pain. The position itself does lend itself to a certain relief, but in hindsight, I think this is a poor habit to get into, and the sooner that I break it, the better all in all. Live and Learn.

Any video I submit in the future, I hope somebody out there jumps on my posture if they see me do this again. I’m not thin-skinned and I’m here as a student of the instrument. Please tell me stuff I should be hearing.



I’ve been experimenting with different postures & chairs myself due to shoulder soreness and a muscle tightening up in my back…

From the video I can’t tell if the buzzing is coming from the left or right hand…I thought it was the result of an over-enthusiastic thumb, causing a rattle.


That’s interesting. Now you’ve got me thinking… I’m gonna spend some time today experimenting with my right thumb and see what those thumping parameters are. If I can actually rattle the sixth string with thumb pressure, then I’m gonna know something I should be aware of.

Thanks man! I owe you one!


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