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Freeborn Man

Really need to see if we twist Ben’s arm enough to do a lesson on this old classic.

Tony Rice All-Star Jam

I like it!

Does anyone have the tab for TR’s version of Freeborn Man?

I would say I would not even attempt that I am so slow now that I turned 126 . not really but it is out of my ballpark . nice though very nice . MMMM? might be interesting to try though . never say never

Watching that video made me wonder… What is Mark O’Conner doing these days? Never hear anything about him. He’s an amazing talent.

That’s a great performance of that tune. TONS of energy on the stage.

Mark O’Conner is one of my favorite multi-instrumentalists. Seems like he was everywhere playing with everyone back in the 80’s and 90’s. I think he’s still very active, just not so much in the bluegrass circle. You’re right on J.W., he’s a huge talent in bluegrass, jazz, classical or any other style out there.