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Free Shipping - Blue Chip Picks

For anyone interested, Blue Chip Picks is having free shipping through the Thanksgiving holiday starting from 11:59 PM 11/28 to 11:59 PM 12/02. I still think think they’re overpriced but at the same time haven’t found a pick I like better for guitar. I’ve had three of them now and have settled on an STP 45 with three different points. It’s a small triangle pick with one rounded point, a speed bevel and a standard bevel. I wanted in between a 40 and a 50 so he made one with the three different points at no extra cost. He’ll make about anything you want. I sold the other two on Mandolin Cafe. They sell within minutes usually for 28 to 30 dollars so if you find it’s not for you, you’re not out too much. I think you can return them also, but not sure about that.

Have a good Thanksgiving and God Bless all.


Thanks for the head’s up JW. I’ll be placing an order. Free shipping isn’t much on a pick, but it is better than paying for shipping.

They have always told me when ordering that I can return them if I don’t like a pick. I think they allow 30 days for that.

I may just order one myself. I really like the STP model, but I may go with a 50 or 55 this time. I’ve gotten so used to the smaller pick now that anything else feels clumsy. I feel like I have better control than I do using a standard size or larger pick. I wish they came in colors, they’re hard to find on the coffee table.


I placed an order today and the shipping was free.
Thanks again!

— Begin quote from "mreisz"

I placed an order today and the shipping was free.

— End quote

So what’d you order and what do you use now?

I ordered some various ones for various people. We were going to order together to save on shipping, but that point was kind of moot today. I got a CT-55 for myself. For others I got a TAD-50, a TP-1R and a TPR-50.

The TPR-50 is my favorite pick. I like it for both mandolin and guitar. I am thinking the CT-55 might be a good change of tone. If it turns out I don’t like the points, I can always flatten them (or exchange it for another TPR).

Today (12/11) only they are offering free engraving and free shipping. I may as well get one for the wife. She likes her Wegens, but I suspect having an engraved pick will mean something to her.

I just talked to Alan and ordered a CT-55 in a TP size (I don’t like those big picks) with a couple different bevels and I had Psalm 150:4 engraved on the back. Thanks for the heads up Mike, I recieved their e-mail but then forgot about it until I saw your post.


Perfect choice on the engraving (I did have to look it up in case some thinks I just memorized all of Psalms).
(NIV): “praise him with timbrel and dancing, praise him with the strings and pipe,”

That’s a bit more meaningful than what I put on my wife’s, “Kitty”