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Fox On The Run

I went looking for tabs to contribute to this new section and I realize I have a problem. All my tabs are mixed up and I’m having trouble remembering which ones are my own work, which ones I’ve tabbed into tef format from printed tabs, and which ones I’ve downloaded as completed tefs. Guess I’ve got some detective work to do to sort them all out.

This one I remember is mine, though.

[attachment=0]Fox On The Run guitar.tef[/attachment]

I like it. I’ll have some time to play with it later today. Thanks for posting it!

I like it, you did a good job tabbing it . As soon as I get the “where we will never grow old” done I will try an start on that one .

Larry, It might help if you keep them in different folders like I do.

under .teftabs = Daves, other, RS, BBC, BHO

Four folders in .teftab folder whick is in banjo folder, which is in music folder… :smiley: :smiling_imp:

You are probably right, fiddlewood. At this point my laptop has pretty much been completely taken over by my music hobby. I’ve got tons of mp3’s, tef files, pdf’s, video files, internet links… you name it. They’re tucked into so many places I could use a complete reset of my file system, but that’s two hours I could use to play guitar instead. :smiley: