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Found on the market

I am not in the market for anything, but I still like looking. I figured I’d start a thread where people could post things they find for sale that might be interesting:
Here’s a 1974 D-18. The second owner has had it since 1976. Looks played but in good shape. It looks promising to me. $1400. I have no affiliation:
theunofficialmartinguitarforum.y … 2MFu4FdVBk

Nice find. Good Idea for a thread, too.

Here’s a J-35 for $1300:
theunofficialmartinguitarforum.y … 2xQh4FdVBk

and a 000-15S. I seem to remember someone looking for one of these recently:
theunofficialmartinguitarforum.y … 2xRzYFdVBk

BTW, no affiliation for me on the above guitars. Just assume that moving forward if anyone has an affiliation with a listing in this thread, they’ll say so.

Eastman E20D with LRBaggs Lyric $925. There are a couple vids and to me it sounds like a winner for under a thousand bucks.
theunofficialmartinguitarforum.y … ideo#.U3A-

Here’s a very good price on this Adirondack topped Guild. I’ve had a D50 Bluegrass Special and it was a great guitar. This D40 was made at the Tacoma factory. … ee-recent/

Here’s a neat looking little box for $225:
theunofficialmartinguitarforum.y … 4FjH3JdVBk

And there is a J-35 for $1200 (In the same listing there is also Django styled thingie for $400 shipped):
theunofficialmartinguitarforum.y … 4FkhXJdVBk

There is a new D28 Authentic 1937 at the Nashville Guitar Center. :slight_smile: I would love to play one of these. I’m still on the fence about having that much money tied up in one instrument though. I think they are about $5200 street price? … odId=53145

I feel your pain Shawn… I am much the same way… I just don’t want that kind of money in a guitar. I’d be afraid to treat it like I owned it.

On the way back into town I went to the Martin Custom Shop show yesterday and the only A they had was a D-18 1939. That thing had huge clear midrange. Wonderful. I’d want one of the 1937s for the 1 3/4" if I was going to get a D-18A, but it was GREAT flatpicking guitar. The guitar that got the most attention from me was a CS D-12. It was a twelve fret, paddle head, adi on madagascar made with hide glue. Huge bottom end. It was about $6k. For that kind of money, I think I’d rather go with a d-28 A 1931, but with that kind of money in a guitar, I am afraid it would be a closet queen.

If you get more interested in buying an Authentic, there are quite a few shops that give at least 35% off list (Gruhn’s, Maury’s, My Favorite Guitar and others). I’ve occasionally gotten closer to 40% off, but unless it’s a very rare model, I can assume 65% of list price. It’s kind of handy to know when shopping.

BTW GC in Fort Worth had a June special on PB Lifespans at 4 sets for $25 (that’s $6.25 for those that don’t want to do math). I stocked up.

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BTW GC in Fort Worth had a June special on PB Lifespans at 4 sets for $25 (that’s $6.25 for those that don’t want to do math). I stocked up.

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Dang, I’d have been all over that! Wonder if you can order online for that price?

The '39 D18A is the only Authentic I had the opportunity to try, but didn’t. I was in a hurry, it was in a glass case and I knew the 1 and 11/16 is not what I’m after. Still wish I had tried it out though.

I’ve been wanting to try out some twelve frets lately too, Mike. The CS D-12 sounds nice! It does sound close to the '31 Authentic. Did it have Authentic bracing?

Here is the twelve fret I’m really thinking about. Since I sold my Bourgeois Slope D, I think this would fill that Mahogany void in my life. :slight_smile:

MFG Custom 12 Fret D-18 GE … =16&page=6

I think the CS D 12 was GE bracing (which is pretty close to Authentic).

Great minds think alike! I have been wanting one of those MFG customs as well. Doesn’t that just seem like the perfect combination? I called Jon about it a while back and almost pulled the trigger :smiley: I’d like to try it, and I keep thinking I’ll end up over that way before too long.

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GC in Fort Worth had a June special on PB Lifespans at 4 sets for $25 (that’s $6.25 for those that don’t want to do math). I stocked up.

Dang, I’d have been all over that! Wonder if you can order online for that price?

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Sorry, I missed that post earlier. I think it’s in-store only. If I am back over there (and it’s still going) do you want me to pick some up for you? If so, let me know and we can coordinate how many and what gauge.

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Doesn’t that just seem like the perfect combination?

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I does seem like a good combination. I have never played a 12 fret dread though. I imagine they have a huge sound, but it seems like the Adi and Mahogany would keep the sound focused. These seem like the perfect Bluegrass dread, but I once read a comment, “There’s a reason more people play 14 fret guitars”. Never asked that feller the reason, but that has stuck with me. Guess every one just needs to try one and decide for themselves.

Sorry for the hijack, Mike.

It’s not a highjack because it’s all related in my twisted mind :smiley: You nailed what a 12 fret sounds like to my ear… bigger, more open. That can also lead to a bit softer sound. I would think all things being equal, a 14 fret might cut a bit more. It’s just a difference, I can’t say one is better or worse.

Thanks Mike, if you go back that way I could use 4 sets of 7200’s. Would be glad to pay some extra for the postage. I really like those strings but usually wait to buy when I catch them on sale.

I’ll pick 4 sets of 7200s up for you (assuming they haven’t sold out). I should be over that way later this week. I"ll PM you when (if) I get them.

Good deal, I appreciate that!

Bulldog, I sent an email to the address you have listed here. Let me know if you don’t get it.

Hey Mike, sent you a PM.