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For players who have lost the ability7 to make chords

I have been there twice this year , I had lost the ability to make chords because the left hand would not work right ,. I worked and waited and worked some more and have about got the problem fixed but this is a device that might help me (in the future) and those that have lost enough dexterity to quit playing. I have been playing for most of my life and certainly do not want to give it up just being in my early 70"s.I will look into this device if it gets so bad I can no longer note with my left hand .

So sorry you are having a rough time!!!

Have you considered an open tuning?

Open tuning is a great way to play but as far as blue grass you just have to have that left hand. I am doing much better now and hope I do not go there again. I am also doing exercise of both hands and fingers, that seems to help a great deal.