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First time in the city

This old farm couple had lived their entire life on the farm never went any where never seen the city . One day the old man said we aught to go to the city before we croak and see what it is like , so they packed their bags and went . The rented them a hotel room on the third floor and they was sitting in the room when the old man got the urge to pee. He looked around looking fer something and he spied this bowl sitting on the cabinet with a pitcher in it and he thought well I will just use that bowl and throw it out the winder , he did not know they had a common bath room at the end of the hall and he did throw it out the winder . After awhile the old woman got to having to go also, so she peed in the bowl and the o;d man threw it out the window , about that time a cop walked by and it hit him right on top of his head , he smelled it and yelled back at the old man, Hey! is that urine and he said no that is her’n’s I threw mine out a while ago.