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First guitar recording king RD-227

I just wanted to talk about my guitar (rd 227), when i was looking for my first guitar (a few months ago) i was really confused, i’m new to guitars etc, so i did’nt know what guitar to choose, i was’nt gonna start with a martin/taylor etc etc. to play bluegrass rhythm guitar is my initial aim, so i opted for a dreadnought style guitar after much deliberation i bought the rd-227. it cost less than £400 and everyone who has played are VERY surprised at it’s sound and playability, it’s made of top quality tone woods, and the “torch” peghead inlay is fantastic! it’s a copy of a martin d-?? (i’ve beed told) the guitar looks and sounds just great, i’m kinda proud to get it out of it’s case!!. so if your looking for a first guitar or a “festival companion” check out the RD-227 it’s great buy!!!


sorry i can’t upload any pics, just google it.

My wife has a Recording King RO-227 and she loves it, has a great sound.

I was shopping for some guitars last year and got to play a Recording King dreadnought. I was really impressed with the value. They seemed well built, the materials were way above the price level and the sound was quite nice.