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First camping/pickin week end of the season!

Well, summer has arrived in the UK at last!! and it coincides with the first pickin week end of the season (i’m goin today, thurs :smiley: ). it’s 5.30 am and i’m already loading up my car with all the camping/playing gear, i’m like a kid again!!.
i’ve progressed from “boom chick” to the dizzy heights of “boom a chick a” pretty handy with most of the open chords, have practised half a dozen Mac Wiseman numbers over and over, gonna kick me some BUTT!! ha ha. wish me luck guys.


haha, good luck and let us know how it went.

Alright, I’m envious! You’ll have to tell us what songs you played and how it went.

Have fun Ron!

Sounds like a blast. I have a family reunion in september. There will be about 10 pickers there. most in there 70s> time for fun .

awesome! good luck !!! let us know how it went!!

Have fun Ron. Take pictures and videos if you can

It’s hard to beat pickin’ in the great outdoors. Anybody else doing anything fun for the Memorial Day weekend?

We’ve got the Florida Folk Festival going this weekend. It’s within walking distance of my mom’s place, so we’ll be in and out of the festival all weekend. No bluegrass bands headlining, but there’s lots of local/regional bluegrass, plus both a fiddle and banjo contest, workshops, contra dancing and a whole bunch of other neat stuff. Should be a good place to hook up with other pickers, too.

Good luck Ron, have a great time! And remember…pics or it didn’t happen! :slight_smile:

I am sure you will have a good time. I wish I was going with you!

I’m going to a Blues fest in St Louis this weekend watch my niece play. Her group is the Bottoms Up Blues Band We’re staying at a nice hotel downtown within walking distance of the festival and some of my family will be meeting us there, should be fun. I’ll take pictures to prove it happened! :wink:

Sounds like a fun weekend, Jim. Looks like they got a lot of music going on. Your niece’s band sounds fun! She’s talented.

I’m getting ready to go over to the Folk Festival to hear Ben Prestage this afternoon. He’s one of the best performers no one has ever heard of.


Wow, he’s amazing! Thanks for posting that.

Man, my Florida Folk Festival weekend got cut pretty short by Tropical Storm Beryl. We’re pretty darn wet here. I hope brumski’s weekend is going a little more smoothly.

i’m back!!! what a weekend! thurs; very quiet, but i sat outside my tent “busking” trying to encourage others to join me, no luck, everyone too busy setting up tents rv’s etc, had a couple of pints of the best cider i’ve ever tasted, in the local pub and had an early night!! (a little disapointed but undaunted!) friday morning arrives and peering out of the tent i find i have new neighbours, four pup tents!! housing (as i found out later) a great band, who had travelled on the overnight ferry from Belfast (northern ireland)" the down and out b/grass band" and four more friendly guys you could’nt wish to meet!. so as my folks were irish and i’d visitied ireland on many occassions we had a lot in common, and in no time at all became buddies.
i played with these guys all friday afternoon outside the tents, i sat opposite the guitarist, and followed where i could, they were very understanding of my “modest ability” the weather was glorious and the time just flew by. but holy cow could these boys drink, more than one bottle of whisky between them!!! and they were headlining the the friday night concert!!!.
more instalments to follow.


Now, that sounds like a fun weekend!

Is this them?

haha well done jim, thats them alright!!

Fun band, bet you had a blast!