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A friend wrote a song, played it for me… asked me to pick along on his video the next day.
I look intense because I’m trying to remember how the song goes. Lol
They decided to record a different song, so this video is just my Buddy singing/playing his guitar and the camera on me.

This was from about 8 years ago.

Watch ““How Long Will They Wait?”—Craig Gorton” on YouTube

Hey Harv nice job on the Godin. You didn’t seem that intense to me, quiet laid back actually!

Thank you so much, Bulldog!


I agree with what Bulldog said. Good job Harv!

Thank you so much!!!

Looked very much in your element calm well played Professional . Besides that you did a bang up good job . A fire side song what could be better . Loved the entire song . twice I have listened and twice I have enjoyed .

Thank you, Thomas!!!

Kenneth but you can call me Ken

I’m so sorry. …
I was looking at your quote.

Have a great day!!!

I was not offended I been called a lot worse . I can see where anyone would maybe think my name was Thomas I may erase Thomas. I was just giving credit to the guy who wrote it. See I fixed it LOL .

Thank you, Ken!!!

I’m so bad at names… I connect a name to a personality. Usually it takes me several weeks to remember.
I was a greeter at a church. Three young adults strolled in and I enthusiastically welcomed them and asked if they had ever been there before. One fellow glared at me and said,’ As a matter of fact, you greeted us here last week.’

On the first day of college, I noticed a fellow wearing a shirt that said ,‘Mike’ on it. I thought,‘I got this one covered’!!! and called him Mike all that year. The last week of school, he said,’ By the way… my name isn’t Mike’.
I said… but your shirt said Mike…
He informed me that he had borrowed his roommates shirt.

   I've got the absent minded part perfected....  

Have a great day!!!

PS...  I have your song recorded at home... middle of next week hope to get to it. 

Really appreciate your friendship. 

All the best,


Nice. How many cameras did they have on you?

Hi Mike,
Great question! It was a professional 2 camera shoot.
It was suppose to be included in some production, but the project was shelved. I was pretty surprised to end up featured.
Would like to help my buddy finish it. Doesn’t seem like a major challenge at this point. He was concerned because they couldn’t locate the master.

 Back in analog days, I mailed our reel, certified to a duplication company. They recieved it... fired off 1000 Cassette copies.
  (Yes, I really am that old.) 

Never got it back… The master was lost in the mail. We had to use a cassette as the master for the next batch. They turned out better than I thought they would.

These days... Digital is far superior!!!!

My first recordings were 2 cassette recorders. Record on one… play it back and strum or sing along as I recorded on the second one.
About 3 times and the sound had deteriorated significantly.

I ended up with an 8 track reel to reel built into an 8 track mixer. It worked surprisingly well. I produced several projects on that.

One bucket list job I had for several years was as a sound designer for a small internet gaming company. 

Bit of a challenge streaming complex sounds over limited bandwidth.

All the best,


I was messing around in the my analog studio trying to improve the quality of our vocals. I didn’t have a gazillion dollars for a high end mike.
I started thinking about it. One of the features of a pricier mike is an improved transient response. We were dealing with tape hiss… etc. Anyway, we ended up connecting 2-3 vocal Mikes in close array, and connecting them all onto the same recording track. I’ve never had the chance to try that trick on digital format.

 Ah, the good old days. Lol

Sounded good to me. I envy your playing skill and presentation.

Jim Jones

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Sounded good to me. I envy your playing skill and presentation.

Jim Jones

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Thank you!!!