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Finger style basics and practice what works

If anyone has a basic teaching on finger style I would love to have it or if you have a link that shows how to practice to get the rolls and stuff down, repetition I can live with . but I noticed there is nothing about leading up to playing finger style on the web site . if there is please point me in that direction. I know about the banjo rolls and the need to be able to do them without thinking. I want the very basic beginning and maybe a work up to a higher understanding,

I dont have years of experience to draw from so if someone sees Im giving wrong advice chime in… Im about to cross the 3 year mark in playing. There is a book on Amazon by Lou Manzi that is awesome. Hope this link works… Complete Fingerstyle Guitar Method Complete Edition: Book & CD … 9wb9MTRTM4 . It has a BUNCH of different patterns and a fairly good selection of short easy songs leading up to some really good songs at the back. Ben’s Amazing Grace and Silent Night lessons are awesome too but I figured you were talking about outside this site.

I was talking about out there somewhere over the rainbow LOL , thanks for the link

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I was talking about out there somewhere over the rainbow LOL , thanks for the link

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Years ago, I got a several Mark Hansen books/vids and I thought they were great. Interestingly enough, there is a nice arrangement of Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Thank you all I will see about getting these books and get started . Had a spell where I could not breathe and went to the hospital for two days . I guess i will have to stay away from people that have colds. still kind of wore out from that . Thanks again, I appreciate both of you .

I’ve tried learning how to fingerpick from time to time but have never been able to get my thumb and fingers to think separate from each other. I get frustrated and just go back to learning a new fiddle tune to flatpick. I have a lot of respect for someone that can do both.

Ken, sorry to hear about your breathing spell. We know you’ve been fighting health issues for a while and always worry when we don’t see you post every day or two! Glad you’re ok.

There are a lot of people who have a lot worse and I just try to enjoy each day, what happened was I got a cold and it stopped the Air from reaching my lungs . Thank you for your concern , Just remember that I am a child of the King and will go to a much better place . Keep on playing that good music !

Hi Ken,
Hope you are feeling better!
I’ve been fingerpicking most of my life. Always had trouble hanging onto a flat pick. A friend in school showed me how to Travis pick. That is a very common fingerpicking style. It’s versatile and sounds good.
It took me a month to learn, but a major step toward what I play.
I’ll see if I can find a good link to a lesson. If not, I’ll upload one to YouTube.
All the best,


Watch “Travis Picking with Don Ross” on YouTube

This fellow talks fast, but has a good presentation.

Let us know how you are doing.


Watch “Travis Picking with Don Ross” on YouTube:

That should hold me for a couple of months very nice and interesting. I think I will try and master what Don Ross is showing and then maybe get a book with dvd Thank you for the input all that gave advice here, I will sooner or later try it all . 1and 2 and 3 and 4 arrrghhhhhhhhh! yes. I should be ok unless wwe get into oneee and a twoeee LOL