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Fender Twin Reverb

So, I’ve got this old Twin I’d like to turn into an upright bass, but I’m not really sure what I’ve got. I bought it back in the 90’s and the power transformer and chassis indicate it is a 1971 model, but it has a blackface and those were discontinued in 1967. I think it may be a blackface conversion of a 1971. The original speakers have been replaced with EVM-12L’s, so it weighs over 100 lbs and is ridiculously loud and clean sounding. I’m really not sure what I’ve got or what it’s worth. Anyone care to venture a guess?


Right up front, I know NOTHING about the the market. The only fender tube amp I owned (a little vibro champ) was as a young teen. I purchased it as a throw in to a deal for a $75 dollar guitar. I foolishly traded it in on some piece of PA gear for very little credit. Not that it was the greatest amp ever, but I really do wish I had it now.

I did a query on

There is a wide variety in prices for various year models. Given that and the ambiguity of what it may be, I’d be inclined to have a decent idea before I put a price on it.

With that said, there’s a 1970 clean looking one with EVs at one of the shops listed. They are asking 1250. I generally expect to sell stuff for an asking price about 80% of what a shop would ask. So barring any more information, I’d think an asking price of $1000 might good for a totally uneducated guess.

I just did another search and found this 1972 conversion: … footswitch
They were asking 1100, so that might indicate more like $900 for an asking price.

Thanks, Mike. You’ve confirmed my line of thought. I put it on Ebay for $899. We’ll see what happens. Went ahead and ordered an Engelhardt bass in anticipation of it selling.

Good deal on the bass. Do you have a truck (for transporting it)? :smiley:

I’ve wanted a bass for a long time, but I don’t have a spot where it would conveniently reside.

I’ve got an old Suburban that’s just made for hauling it. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Debbie is ready to give it a try, too.


Sounds about right on price it was the go to amp in the day and was sought after, it was one of the best Fender made at the time if it is a super twin reverb. I have owned two of them and it was good while I had them but found I could get the same sound with a smaller amp and not so much volume . but it should sell fast . Definitely a performance amp.

I have owned two and they are loud for sure . I paid 1,000 for my first one around 1990 so you might be able to come to a used price that way or look on Ebay they have them there and you can view what they are asking .