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Favorite Music Toys

1)Beat Buddy Drum Pedal

I’ve owned several drum machines in the past. They may have worked for other people, but I found them cumbersome.
I found the programming tedious and annoying. Just trying to predict how many measures in the verse the chorus… bridge… intro… outro…

Trying to predict the phrasing… dynamics… then save it. Wasn’t for me.

Beat Buddy recently crowd funded a drum machine in footpedal format.
It has digitally sampled real drums. The beats are not (I think the word is) quantized… or so perfect that it doesn’t sound human . A great organic feel…
The best part for me is the ability to set the pattern and rate… and have a surprising amount of control during performance.

  1. Vocal Harmonizers

    The older versions require pre-programming every step through a song.
    New versions have a computer chip that recognizes the guitar chord you are playing. Then, as you sing through the microphone, it can produce up to 3 extra vocals in any way you choose. A couple companies, Digitech and TC Helicon provide good units.

I’ve owned enough that I’ve been able to hone in on what works best for me and had enough fun that 3 microphones are set up for vocals with a harmonizer connected to each
The mix I enjoy while singing tends to be heavy with harmony for the listner so I crank harmonies when I’m alone, but lean on a reference helper to determine an optimal performance mix.

To produce the effect, the singers voice is digitally sampled. Then instantly blended with original voice as you choose. 

They have reverb and digital delay as well as pre-amp that can really enhance a vocal.


At this time... they aren't 100%. I ended one triumphant song with the harmony in a minor key... lol... 

That being said… I’ve improved my vocal ability from using these. I have to sing in tune in order for the harmonies to be accurate. One thing I enjoy the most is singing a barbershop quortet in real time. I can set one harmonizer to produce a note 2 octaves below mine. The other two harmonizers set at a trio setting .
Lots of fun…

Any questions, I’m happy to respond.

All the best,


I have a TC Helicon H1. That is one amazing piece of tech. I haven’t used it a great amount, but it has been really effective in a couple instances. You are right that it forces you to nail your pitch. If I am sour, the generated voices go sour right along with me.