Favorite licks


Thought I’d start this so we could share some of the licks we’ve learned that we like.

[attachment=1]THE D lick.tef[/attachment]

[attachment=0]G fill-in lick (blues power).tef[/attachment]

So what have you all been working on that you like?


[attachment=0]Wes Lick.tef[/attachment]


[attachment=0]Mike Lilly D lick.tef[/attachment]

I think this is a really great example of the different sounds we can get out of the same notes.


I don’t have this one tabbed out, but if I had a banjo I’d sure give it a try.

If you want to skip the song the lick is at about 2:48 - 2:51. D-lick!



ahhhhh, camera person ought to be hog-tied & tossed down a gully!

give me a bit…maybe…!


HAHA! I hear ya, I hate that. :smiley:


[attachment=0]Blue lIck.tef[/attachment]This close?


I think he is bending the third or fourth strings a bit also.


Sounds pretty close to me. I definately hear a bend in there right before that pinch.


this has been one of my all time favorite banjo licks since I first heard it years ago. Think I might have finally figured it out.

In the intro of Redwood Hill Mr. Eldridge uses this lick for the second half of the Em just before going to the B7 (Bm?).

The bend is a quarter note that is quickly bent up, then back down.


Great licks guys, I’ll tab some of mine out and contribute :slight_smile:


[attachment=0]Blues G lick.tef[/attachment][attachment=1]C Lick.tef[/attachment]


Nice stuff! Thanks.


Here is a chromatic/melodic lick I came up with. It starts out with a lick I think comes from a song called Ghost Dance


Here I included a major variation of the lick above.


Hey Fiddlewood,
This is a great thread that must live on. Sorry for the delayed discovery, but here is my first contribution. Since I currently only have the demo version of tabedit, I can’t upload tablature. However, my contribution comes with a reference to a source for it. Enjoy: [video]http://youtu.be/KqzUZyOQ2o4[/video]


This is an invention of mine while experimenting with Salt Creek. That single string practice on Banjo Signal lead to this alternation between the thumb and index. Now if I can only master Ben’s awesome advanced break to this tune, I’ll be rockin’!


Nice stuff! classic DR lick, recognized the instant you played it.
thanks for the post!

I haven’t been posting as much lately as I’ve been a bit busy. Hoping to get back here more when the snow flies.


Here’s a syncopated thing I’ve been messing around with the last couple days.


Nice one to end the year with, Fiddlewood. I’ve learned a couple new licks but will have to post them later. Hey, how are you uploading your licks! Must one purchase software to do it?