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Favorite guitar solo

Maybe you have a favorite guitar part that stands out, or if your like me and have a different favorite for every day of the year, just post or talk about something you like. Doesn’t have to be something that’s comprised of fretboard smoke, just something that sounds good to you. I thought this was pretty good.

(1) Buster B. Jones, 1999, CAAS, “Alabama Jubilee”. - Bing video


That one was kind of smokey.

However my favorite will likely always be Glen Campbell.
This clip has been seen a lot.

I just love how everybody thought Glen was old and needed help so he brought Steve Warner out to help him, but it was just a distraction for his solo that was coming. He was telling Nashville, I ain’t dead just yet.


Yeah for sure. Glen got to do his thing live in a song considered more a vocal song, but wowed the crowd with something not heard on the studio version.

Glen’s musical virtuosity may have been a bit overshadowed by virtue of having sang on a lot of hit songs as a crossover artist. Was good for his career in one way, but also caused his musical ability to go unnoticed, at least by some.

Some people may or may not know his history with The Beach Boys, but also did some things with The Kingston Trio.

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