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Fast strumming on acoustic guitar

Any other guitar players out there that are not guiet at the intermediate level that just can’t seem to strum fast? I’m talking about those 16th strums. They’re in all the fast songs that Ben teaches and right now I just have to slow everything down to a slower version.

Hey Ben, how about a lesson of fast strumming. How to develop it and how to practice it.


Yep, there’s plenty, I used to be one, just keep playing and it will get better. Also, I’d recommend using the most basic “boom-chuck” rhythm when playing rhythm, it’s a lot easier, and usually more helpful rhythmically than trying up strums too. And it’s easier to get up to speed


Great request, and I do plan on doing that. Gunnar’s advice below yours is really good, and it will develop after a while.

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To add to that good advice, I would suggest finding a chord you like, set a metronome at low speed, and as you are playing, count along with each strum…1-e-and-a, 2-e-and-a and so on. Increase speed as you get better. Keep us posted on how it’s going. :+1:

Here’s another one, if you like classic rock. Listen to “Walkin the Dog” by Aerosmith. It has a really cool sounding muted strum between verses. Just try to imitate that. You’ll have it down cold before you know it, and it will improve your speed, and help with keeping your wrist loose.

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Thanks. Your recommendations make sense. Will give it a try.