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Excited about the new website!

:smiley: Sure is a nice place you have here, Ben!

Well, all right! I survived the move. Now I just got to get used to the new digs. Looks like some nice new features (like private messaging) are available.

Howdy all. I survived the move as well. Sorry I have been kind of a rare sight lately. I’ll be checking in more frequently in a few weeks. I’m really looking forward to the picking parlor. I’ll have to go buy a web cam.

OK all. I’m here too. Nice site Ben. Looking forward to all the great features. Let’s see if the Smilies work. :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink: :frowning: :astonished: :open_mouth: :confused: :sunglasses: :laughing: :angry: :stuck_out_tongue: :blush: :cry: :imp: :smiling_imp: :unamused: :exclamation: :bulb: :arrow_right: :neutral_face: :mrgreen: :nerd: Yup, they work

Love this new site, you’re really doing it the right way. I’ve been watching your videos on youtube for the last year or so and I’m always inspired and entertained. I’ve been playing music as a hobby for many years but I’ve decided to really start putting in the work and learning my Bluegrass.

The next spare 75 bucks I get is going to you, looking forward to getting my learn on!

Well, welcome aboard Snappy. You’re the first new member on Bens new web site too. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do. I have a strong feeling that this new site is going to get a lot bigger real soon. Ben’s done a wonderful job in getting this up and running.

Thanks and I agree. You can tell when someone’s heart is in the right place they will always find success, and I think that’s very much the case with Ben here.

Hey Snappy, welcome!
When you get a chance you should go to the Google map showing the location of all the members and add your location:
(Thanks to Larry)

Oops! never mind, I see you’ve already found it!

Hi all,

Ben the new site is great ! …cant figure out how to get a picture small enough though lol …any help from any body?

Thanks all !!!

Ronfold - I use a program called Gimp, its like Photoshop but free.

Open your picture in it then choose Image->Scale image, and shoot for around 150 x 150. I tried the max 240 x 240 and it looked way out of place on the forum.
After you scale save it, choose File->Save As. At the bottom of the Save Image window you’ll see a drop-down that says “All Images”. Change that to say JPEG image, then hit Save. A window will open asking you to choose the Quality, the default 85 should be just fine. If you keep it under 240x240 and save as jpeg it should come out under the max size of 14KB.

Let me know if you need more help.

Another tip in Gimp you can crop to an exact size. Choose the icon from the toolbox that looks like a little exacto knife. Then you’ll see some options for Crop underneath. Check off the box that says ‘Fixed’, and from the drop-down next to it choose ‘Size’. Then in the box below that type 150x150, or whatever you want.

Now when you click and drag on your image there will be a little box that you can move around and choose the exact area you want to crop out. Press Enter when done, then File-Save As like I mentioned in the previous post. Good luck!

I was EXTREMELY new to the old site (had never posted) but the new site looks good. Been especially enjoying the backing tracks to help with timing and playing along with someone since I play solo 99.997% of the time

Keep up the good work Ben, enjoying the site

I added my location to the map! …great site !!! Thanks Ben …:slight_smile:
looking forward to improving my playing !!!

Thanks snappy …havent had any luck in shrinking the KB size but ill keep trying …!!! thanks again !!!

Just checking in.

My computer seems to be stuck on the page Ben put up that says “check back soon for the new website.” I must have clicked on that at the wrong time and it’s now burned into my computers memory. :laughing: I’ve deleted all my temporary internet files and still no joy. I know it deleted 'em because I had to sign in with passwords to other sites I visit.

Any forum advice before I bother Ben? I know he’s a busy feller.

Edit: Little more info. I found a back door into the forum by going the the old banjoben.rhinogroup address and found the forum index, luckily. I just can’t get to the lesson/main page. When I click on the guitar or banjo section at the bottom of this page, it says not found in a yahoo error message.

This should fix itself, sounds like your internet provider might be a little slow updating their records. If its still broken today let me know I can give some things to try.

Will do SnappyPants. Thanks for the help.

I think that Ben is having trouble with his website. We’ll just have to let him work it out.

Probalby DNS propogation issues with ISP’s. At home the propogation was fast but at work it didn’t happen until this morning

Wooooot I finally got all registered up and I am ready to go!
I love the new site!! :smiley: