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Elliot Capo

I was playing this weekend and a guy came up to me on a break and pulled a leather pouch from his pocket and told me to try his capo and see what i think. I use a paige and thought that all capos were created equal but I think I was wrong. He had a stash of different sizes with him and I thought what the heck, I will try one. I put it on and I believe that it enhanced the sound of my guitar and was pleased with it. He told me to finish the night with it and see what I thought. So I did. And I thought that I should get one of these. I am not sure what size it was as he was old and couldnt see the stamp and I am old and couldnt see the stamp to see what size it was. In fact, I am not sure there was a stamp mark on it but I guess there was because I found out that this guy and his wife are the machinests that make them.
I tried to talk him out of it but failed at that gesture.
So if you are looking for a good capo, I would take a look at these expensive little critters. I could not believe the differnce it made. They have a website but I cant remeber the address. I will be riding over to Brenham to pick one up and get a scoop of Bluebell while I am there. AHHH Bluebell, now thats a whole new story. if you aint in Texas you may not understand.

Thanks for the review. From what I have heard, people that have them generally swear by them. One of my “regular” guitars has a diamond shaped volute at the back of the peghead. I have heard some people have problems with the capo being able to go over that. Even so, I might make an Elliot my Christmas wish.

Well, I will be the first to say that no way would I pay that kind of money for a capo that I can make with a pencil and rubber band. But after using it and hearing the sound quality that it maintained, I was sold on it. My wife even commented that the sound improved over what I use. I dont promote much but if you ask me, I will say this is the best I have heard, seen used or whatever.

Just noticed your in Cresson, do you ever get over to the Glenn Rose pickin? I think their festival is comming up pretty soon, maybe I will see you there.

Ordering advice: I send Elliott Capos an email before I ordered one and asked him what kind to get. Phil sent me an email back very quickly with the info he needed from me. I ended up calling them on the phone and ordering one. I told him that my guitar had a volute and he made it a little deeper to fit back there also.

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Just noticed your in Cresson, do you ever get over to the Glenn Rose pickin? I think their festival is comming up pretty soon, maybe I will see you there.

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Hi John,
I have been putting it on my calendar and have yet to make it. If you are going sometime, let me know. Where do you call home?

KGM, thanks for the tip.

I did send him an email and he is close enough to me that I can just drop by and fit the correct one to my guitar. I pla on doing that.

Now, I am in Humble Tx just north of Houston. I started going to Glen Rose back in 1986. It was a great place to go enjoy some good picking. I havent been in a while but considering going this year. i also am going to Grapeland Salmon lake this year in september. that is a big pickin and goes 4 or 5 days.