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Easy to please

My Father used to tell stories and they were not fiction but true about his life . He told me about his brother and him playing for the people on Saturday night and they would play all night and everyone had a great time . Only thing was they only knew one tune . It goes to show me we are covered up with music all kinds and they actually had a great time with the same tune all night long . We have to be the luckiest people ever , we have so much to entertain us and so much to make our lives easy .
We should be the most thankful generation also . I am thankful and I know most people are . Now is the best time period ever.
I thank the Lord for making me when He did. " Enjoy the music"

Good story Ken. One of the things I got out of it is how easy it is to learn a new tune these days. This website is a prime example. Video clips and tabs at the touch of a button on the internet make it a lot easier than folks learning back in the day. I’m somewhat “old school” and have a hard time keeping up with modern technology but I think I’ve got this part down pat. Probably wouldn’t know half the tunes I do without it! We are definitely very fortunate.

The ones doing the listening fare better also LOL .

Great story…
I’m thankful for digital tuners.

I remember showing up to a party with my 12 string… it was an 11 string before I got it tuned.
Digital tuning helps in another epic way… I used to have to return for every song I tried to play along with. Everybody had a different pitch. When it was far enough off, it was really tough to even figure out what key they were in.

to many people tune from no reference and use the sound the same method and it is in tune with could be a tuned to an eflat or anywhere inbetween. best to use if nothing else a pitch pipe than nothing at all. I feel my generation is the luckiest one of all we got to see some of the old ways and the beginning of the new tech and even more as we go on.

Yes these new fangled electronic tuners really rock. I used to spend 95% of my time tuning my mandolin and 5% playing out of tune. Now I only spend 90% of my time tuning.