Eastmans coming soon!


I’m proud to announce that the General Store will soon carry Eastman mandolins (and probably guitars, too!). I’ll start out with the most common models, but if you’re looking for something in particular let me know.


My priority is to get a banjo with the resonator first but I am intrigued with the sound of a mandolin and since I’m a PROUD “Lifer” - it goes without saying that I need to get one to maximize my membership, yes?


With this in mind and the exciting news about Eastman, Please offer a recommendation for a good starter Mandolin that won’t break the bank… For those of us tempted to cross over.

I am happy for you and the good news!


Eastman’s 300 series have great reviews all over the net. I think the A style is the 305 and the F style is the 315. I’ve never played a 300 series, but I have played a 515, and it’s my understanding that it’s basically a 315 with some minor decor perks. It played really nice and sounded great!


Yes, the 300 series are excellent. They really don’t make a bad one. Whatever price range it is, you’re getting the max mando for the money.


I’ll vouch for what Ben said. My first mandolin was a 515 quiet a few years ago before the 315’s were introduced. I couldn’t have asked for a better mandolin to learn with. Definitely the best bang for your buck in my opinion. I sold it a while back to fund a higher end mandolin but sometimes wish I still had it.


UPDATE: Eastman sold out of all the popular mandolins at Christmas and also backed up from the big trade show in LA last week. I will be getting in a couple of their guitars soon but mandolins will be another month or so out, so they say. Thanks for your patience!


You’re gonna get me in a lot of trouble with that line of logic.


I am just waiting for the Eastman’s to be announced!

I have to put all that Mandolin lessons to use!