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Eastman guitar

Is an Eastman E40 D a good guitar. Price $2129


Wow… For me… It must be NICE.

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According to @Michael_Mark all the Eastman guitars that he has played are sweet. Personally i don’t have any experience with them. I’ll be interested to see what others say!


For whatever it is worth, I love my Eastman MD-315 Mandolin… but it was about a third of the cost of your guitar.

I was overjoyed with my purchase… but I feel obligated to suggest that no matter what the purchase, you cannot go wrong with using the Banjo Ben General Store. @Jake and everyone genuinely want your satisfaction.

You can say I am making a commercial - and I am - but not because I stand to gain anything from it. I was just relating my sincere appreciation for them and think that it would be great to support them now.

As I need a new Banjo :banjo: , I can’t wait to place my order with @Jake … but I must return to work first. :pensive:

Still, I get it if you found a particular instrument that you really, really like!


I would really, really like to use BanjoBen’s General Store for my purchase, but unfortunately I’m one of those guitar players that some say plays from the wrong side…That’s right, I’m a lefty and am committed to staying a lefty as I already have four guitars…all lefties. I’ve challenged Ben to bring in some lefty guitars, but it seems it’s just a little to costly for him to do so at this time as he would have to purchase several and he just doesn’t have the demand. Maybe one day lefties will be able to purchase instruments from BanjoBen’s General Store, but not yet…I will be his first customer…lol



That explains a great deal Earl! I get it. Too bad that this is the case and I do understand that this custom situation makes it more difficult for customer (you) and the General Store.

I also understand that there will be times where people will stumble across that rare “find” that makes a specific purchase impossible to pass on. Or… the understandable enticement to sit down to play something somewhere… and just have the feeling of the instrument being “The One”.

I get those scenarios too.

No judgement from me. I hope you are happy and I can say that - while I don’t play gee-tar… my Eastman product is near and dear to me even as it is an entry-level Mandolin.

I wish you much happiness with whatever you decide, my friend. :+1::facepunch:

By the way, I am ambidextrous - so I have an appreciation for your situation and can kinda relate. After growing up to throw lefty, I always batted righty (because when I was a kid, my favorite player was Willie Horton who threw left but batted right) and we’ll, in those days, Lefties were RARE.

Anyway, fast-forward to by military days where I was on a squadron Softball team and the fellas were forced to bat opposite (to even the advantage on Co-ed) and guess what? At that moment, I discovered I had a natural swing from the Left side. It was funny because the opposition would see me hit and challenge me to hit from the other side (according to the rules) but it didn’t matter :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grinning:. To this day I throw, kick and bowl Lefty but write and play tennis Righty.

I think I am fortunate that I just always played the “standard” instruments.


You are definitely fortunate. Me, not some much. I’m afraid my right side is for looks only…hahahaha


I love lefties and it seems half my family is left-handed, including my little girl, but the selection is not there for me as a dealer. Many of the brands I carry don’t even make them, or if they do, almost impossible to get.


I understand Ben. Fortunately, I have found a guitar store in Sarasota, FL named Jerry’s Lefty Guitars. He sells nothing but lefthanded guitars and mandolins including Eastman. I missed out on an Eastman E20 SS HE WAS OFFERING, but have my eye on an E40 D that he has in inventory.

Hopefully, one day you will have so many lefties on your site that you will be forced to bite the bullet and stock a few lefties. Let’s hope so. Like I said, I’ll be your first guitar customer…lol