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Earl's Breakdown

I don’t usually post on the Banjo threads but thought I’d share this clip of me and my buddy who just bought this '78 Stelling Golden Cross he really likes. We were on a float trip on the Caddo River and bought our instruments to the cabin to do a little recording. You can click on my Youtube channel from the clip below to see a few more. We’re not professional by any means but still have a lot of fun picking.

Earls Breakdown

I like it. It looks like a great place to play.

I am impressed. Very nice job and I dare anyone to say its not . Good sound .

I really enjoyed “Rosewood casket” you did an outstanding job on that .

Appreciate the kind words fellows.

Love it! Great job…I love the sound of your Collings guitar…I knew what it was as soon as I heard it…very distincitve…and played well! Thanks for sharing…How was the fishing?


Thanks JB. My other guitars don’t get much playing time since I got the Collings close to a year ago. The river was a little low but made for some good fishing. Plenty of smallmouth action!

Nice playing Bulldog! I enjoyed the other videos as well. Good sounding Collings!

Wife and I both enjoyed it, thank you for posting.

Not trying to hijack your post. I was going to ask about D tuners, and I see you were using them. I really don’t know anything about them so this may be stupid question.

i’ve seen them used in Flint Hill Special, and of course your vid. Does it change the pitch to “exactly” a note, then turned back they go to the original? Hope I explained it right. Before seeing a video of Flint Hill, I was amazed at how someone could put their banjo out of tune and then right back in. I’m assuming that’s what the D tuner does. Am I correct?

Thanks again for the vid

Not hijacking at all. Wish I could answer your question but I’ll have to leave that for the banjo pickers who I know will chime in and let you know. (I’m the one on guitar in the vid) We also did Flint Hill Special, here’s the link to it.