Dunlop semi round pick


Anyone have one of these Dunlop Picks? I have never seen them before. They look similar to a Blue Chip.


They’re great picks!


Do you prefer this shape or the triangle more for mandolin?


I go back and forth, myself. If I’m doing more tremolo I like the rounded better.


I used the triangle version of that pick myself for a long time. I loved it, and it is still the pick of choice for under 5 bucks.


Yep. Great pick! BTW, I like both, but have a slight preference for the textured versions.


I got one with my brand new Eastman 315 Mando… along with others; however, this pick became my absolute fav.

Being a newbie, I’d say the pick is more capable than the player - in my case… but I really do like the rounded edge very much. Thanks to @Jake for that!

Get one and you won’t regret it!