Duet for Banjo and Guitar - recommendations


Hi - i am new to banjo and am looking for a duet to play with my dad (advanced guitar and mandolin player). I would like it to be a song which had a video for both so we could each learn our parts at our own pace. He is not a member yet but i’m hoping that this duet commitment will inspire him to join. My question is (and it’s a dumb one) i see banjo and guitar songs here which are the same song - would we each learn Devil’s Dream and play it together via Skype or is there a difference in tablature for each part when it’s a duet?

Other song suggestions are welcome!


Welcome to the site BanjoDiva!

Ben has a few songs that have banjo, guitar and mandolin parts. I like “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”. Love the mando in that tune, making me want one bad, but I digress. :smiley: Good luck with it!


Howdy BanjoDiva,
So far as I know, all the parts for the various songs are in the same style and key as the other parts for the same song. So yes, you could learn the parts independently then put them together in person or via skype (or even with a collaborative recording like some of members do with netGrass projects).

Great suggestion Shawn. I love the guitar break for Everlasting Arms as well. I never quite got it as fast/clean as I wanted (story of my life). I need to dust that off and go work on that one soon.


Thanks for the input… i like the Everlasting Arms suggestion :wink: