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Duck huntin' banjo players

Am I the only one? :question:

Well I’m a duck huntin’ guitar/mando player if that counts although I hunt more deer these days than I do ducks. Seems like the older I get the less I want to tolerate the cold.

If that’s as close as I can get I’ll take it…I start huntin’ when it gets cold cause my banjo fingers stiffin’ up and its hard to roll…gotta find something else to get me through the winter…i’ll be sure and post some pics

Yeah I live 30 minutes from Stuttgart, Arkansas so it would be an abomination if I didn’t shoot ducks every now and then. Glad to see another avid outdoorsman on the forum. We need more posts and pics on the "Huntin & Fishin page.

Right here!

Except I haven’t been too successful when I hunt while pickin’ my banjo

Banjo scares away wildlife and city folks.

— Begin quote from "ldpayton"

Banjo scares away… city folks.

— End quote