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Dreams can come true

Just thought I’d share this.

For many years one of my heroes in bluegrass has been Mike Lilly (Country Gentlemen, Larry Sparks).

Out of the blue I got a message from an old band mate this am giving me Mike’s phone # and telling me to call him. Turns out Mike is forming a new band, heard me playing at a festival jam, and hired me to play Bass! :smiley:

Still looking for a good mando player and singer at this time so it will be a bit before we get going.

Wow, don’t even know what else to say…I’m purty happy right now!

Yeah!!! Way to go and congratulations! That is fantastic! :smiley:

When you find out more keep us in the loop.

Thanks Mike! Will do. I’m sure I’ll get some new licks on my banjo… :laughing:

I went and listened to some of his playing after your post. He’s fantastic and does some distinctive and unique playing. That’s pretty cool you’ll get to play with him.

Success has many faces and this one happens to be a happy face , so glad you are getting to do this . way to go . You see, all the hard work and practice has paid off!

Congrats fiddlewood! That’s awesome man!

Aw man…living the dream. How great is that! Good for you, fiddlewood.

That’s great fiddlewood! Real happy for you! Next time I plan a trip to Elderly, maybe we could meet up there. That is if you’re not too busy on the road. :wink: Hope you really enjoy the experience.


Thanks, I’m right near elderlys quite often. Been doing a lot of tree work in Lansing area. Would love to meet up some time!

Your not far from where Mike lives…Middletown, Maybe when I come down sometime we could set something up to meet too.

I’d love to meet in person some time Ben.I’ll for sure let you all know if and when this thing gets off the ground and where we might do something. haha, I’m surely still one of the small fish…It’s a big pond! :laughing:

I don’t expect much will happen before next Spring (if anything actually does; keeping my fingers crossed) but there’s no telling the future.

— Begin quote from "fiddlewood"

Your not far from where Mike lives…Middletown, Maybe when I come down sometime we could set something up to meet too

— End quote

That would be great to meet up sometime. I believe you’re thinking of Ken (Welder) who lives near Middletown, but Mike and anyone else would be more than welcome. I’m about an hour and ten minutes NW of Middleton. Mike can fly, so he’s close too! :laughing:


I’m over 300 mile away…You and Mike are neighbors :laughing:

I have regularly driven over 2 hours to practice/gig/jam over the years. Not many bluegrass musicians on my side of MI.