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Down load tab

What is the program that allows you to download music and then play at different speeds?

My first post. Retired US Navy CDR and naval pilot for 26 years of active duty. Retired in 2000 and now I instruct and evaluate in the Challenger 605 and 605 for Bombardier Aerospace at DFW. I have taken 4 years of banjo instruction from four different instructors/teachers and still can’t play worth a damn. I have no timing. It all sounds plain vanilla. Still having trouble with the slide, pull off, and hammer-on as far as timing goes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love to play but it sounds like S_ _ _ . This griping sailor is not a happy sailor.

Howdy Fast Eddie,
Tabledit is the program you are looking for. Here’s a link to a page on where to get it and so forth:

I suspect you will find learning from Ben is very helpful. He’s a great teacher.

Where are you in the metroplex? I am SW of Fort Worth. I live at Bourland Field Airport (50F). I am no banjo player, but slides, hammer ons and pull offs are common to fretted instruments. If you are out this way sometime, bring your banjo!

Or maybe you’re looking for something like or (the topic says “download tab”, but your post says “download music”).

I use both Tabledit and Transcribe a lot. Tabledit for tab and Transcribe for CD’s/MP3’s.