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Don't miiss the banjo lesson new one

It is a banjo lesson but guitar pickers can use this if nothing else a back up for you when playing a boogie (who dislikes boogies) and for you that want to learn the banjo back up it is a good lesson . Have fuin with this one , I am .

Ben has a guitar lesson on Boogie Woogie in the intermediate section. I’ve attached a little song Paul and Silas. it’s a fingersyle blues version, at about the 2 minute mark I use a boogie woogie rhythm while I sing the lyrics, “Oh that jail just reeled and rocked”. I first learned the boogie woogie pattern as a bass player in high school. Learn the pattern then noodle on it to discover all kinds of variations. You can use some of the variations to play rhythm guitar instead of chords…

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Do a boogie woogie Christmas song!

— Begin quote from "mreisz"

Do a boogie woogie Christmas song!

— End quote

Hey Fellas:

I know I’m dating myself, but did you ever here of the TV program in the prehistoric days of TV “You Asked For It”? (I do…barely). Well, you mentioned why not do a boogie woogie Christmas tune…aaaah, that sounded like a challenge was being issued…not a bad thing…but an exercise to get the creative juices flowing…it did just that. One morning I was waiting for my granddaughter to walk over to my house so I could take her to school…I picked up the mando and the attached tune came out. I thought I would record it for you. What do you think?
Hark!..I hear Harold (ha) and His Angels playing a Boogie Woogie Christmas Tune …haaaaaaaaaaaaa…


Very nice!

Nice! I like it. BTW, well-played.