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Doin' My Time

I worked up TR’s “Doin’ My Time” this week.

[attachment=0]Doin’ My Time.tef[/attachment]


Guitar Break at 2:52

Thanks Larry! I am a computer programmer, so you wouldn’t think I’d get tech awe very often, but sometimes things just hit me. It is incredibly useful that instead of writing this stuff out on a piece of paper, you can spend the same amount of time putting it into a program complete with ornaments, dynamics, even a backing track. You can easily share it, play it back, loop a section, speed it up, slow it down. TablEdit may not be the sexiest interface around, but that is one incredibly useful tool for a musician.

That my song right there! Love that intro and how he ends it with the F-C-G chord lick at the end there. And that lick at 1:36 - 1:37. So good.

That jazzy Tony Rice chord I was trying to figure out in the alternate chord thread was from this song.

Chord at 3:22 - 3:25


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TablEdit may not be the sexiest interface around, but that is one incredibly useful tool for a musician.

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Yep! I learned the break without tabbing it, but I know in 6 months my memory will mutate it into something different, so I went back and created the tef file for future reference.

That first album of Tony’s has so many of the licks that he became famous for, I think I might try to tab the entire album eventually, just as a lick reference.

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even a backing track

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My backing tracks are usually done as an afterthought to aid in understanding the break. I sure didn’t put in all those cool chord substitutions in the version Shawn posted. Now I gotta try to figure those out -just when I thought I had the song learned.

Larry you are a great asset to all of us here and I thank you for your expertise and willingness to share with all .

Thanks, welder. I get a lot more from this forum than I give, so I’m always glad to share.

I like the intro line. It seems to be a pretty common occurrence that I hear a TR solo and think, “That should pretty easy.” Then I play it and it is much more difficult than I expect. He just makes everything sound so effortless.

I agree that the intro is tricky. It doesn’t seem as fast as some of Tony’s guitar work and it uses lots of open strings so it looks like it should be relatively easy to learn, but I found it to be something of a finger puzzle.

Agreed. When I play it slow I get a flow going… when I start to speed up too much it goes out the window.

Thanks for those tabs Larry. Just about got the intro up to speed. It was a little tricky but got easier once I was able to store it in my memory bank.