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Does this qualify as Bluegrass

I am working at picking and using scales and riffs making what to me is very slow progress. I have a style that comes easily to me and I sometimes fall back to it for a break when I don’t really know the song. That is if I can pick up enough melody. My question is, “Is this really bluegrass”?
Thanx in advance for your opinion. Two verses of You are My Sunshine in C

Jim Jones

I would call it bluegrass but others may not . It is in the ear of the beholder . I would think anything with cross picking would be classed as bluegrass , banjos are built around crosspicking but it is done with two fingers and thumb. a guitar roll is a banjo roll played with a flat pick so yes I would class it as bluegrass.

I will take
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anything with cross picking

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as a complement. When I think of cross picking I think Clarence White or Greg Morton and I have a long way to go. As for this being bluegrass I will accept your appraisal. Thanx for taking the time to do it.