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Does Banjo Ben Truly Care About Me?

Alright folks, let us pick and ponder.

Sure, Banjo Ben seems like a nice guy and all, but there are some loopholes here we must discuss. First, Banjo Ben ditches us every so often for The Purple Hulls. Now, I wouldn’t have a problem with this, but what if his band takes off? What if The Purple Hulls get an offer straight from Nashville to leave this world behind and go pick for Mr. Obama? Do we trust our dear red-head to make the right call in such a situation?

Secondly, I was watching Banjo Ben’s “I’ll Fly Away” mandolin video and trying to play along. I breezed through the kick-off and proceeded to the next measure. I noticed that after Banjo Ben showed me how to play it and I played along, he told me “good job” afterwards. Now, this sounds friendly and encouraging, right? But, what if I had stumbled through it and played it incorrectly? Ben still would’ve congratulated me and would’ve been wrong in doing so. This would lead to frustration on my end and thus my quitting the mandolin forever, only to appear out of the Arkansas woods 10 years later riding an elk with a full beard.

Thank you for your time.

:laughing: and this is why I suspect you have the word “laughing” in your username. Funny stuff!

pictures of beard and elk please if that were to come to fruition :mrgreen:

I know this is an old thread, but I just read it. Anyway…

Where did you find a wild elk in Arkansas?
Wait a minute. You’re riding it, so it must be one of those domesticated elk. I think they have them at Walmart.

There are some down near Jasper.

As for the domesticated part, it happens after spending 10 lonely years in the woods.

Does it take ten years for an Elk to grow a bread?