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Doc Watson just passed on

I just read that Doc Watson passed away today. He was truly one of the great guitar players and gentlemen of our time. I have portraits of 5 guitarists in my teaching studio, Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt, Joe Pass and Doc Watson. The last one has passed on and I could not be sadder.

Rest in Peace Doc!


I agree. He was (and will still be) an inspiration to many pickers for many years. His picture also hangs in my music room.

I’ve been dusting off some Doc songs for this week’s jam. I’d like to try Windy & Warm but I’d probably screw it up, so I think I’ll try Little Sadie or Tennessee Stud instead.

Yes, Doc’s passed on.
Now, he’ll have a chance to develop some bad guitar habits… such as watching his fingers on the fretboard, something he hadn’t been able to do before now. The heavenly chorus will have to get use to a geetar mixed in with the harps. :smiley: