Dixie Hoedown


I’m fairly new to the site so I’d like to say hello to all. My question is: How does Ben select his next mandolin lesson? Do we vote or suggest tunes? If we suggest tunes, I would like to see tabs and video for Dixie Hoedown.

Does any one know of a good mandolin version of Dixie hoedown on you tube or elsewhere? I bet Ben could give us some neat licks for this song in an intermediate verson - tabs and video Key of G.

Thanks for any help,

Ex Fiddler


Sometimes Ben surveys the members for input when he chooses his next lesson and sometimes he just surprises us, but I think he’ll always listen to suggestions.


Ex Fiddler, I’m new to the site as well (just registered a couple days ago). You can go to bluegrassbooksonline.com & at the top, click on free lessons, scroll down to “Dixie Hoedown” & you will be able to click on different variations & listen as well as print out tab for guitar or mandolin. I would consider it an intermediate version. Hope that helps. Also when I registered, I saw where Ben’s father was sick. I will be praying for him & his family & hope things go well. God Bless, Jeff.


Thanks Jeff. I will take a look at your site.

Has anyone heard from Ben? How is his family doing? He has been in my thoughts and prayers as well,