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Discuss the Mandolin lesson: Arkansas Traveler

This is a basic version of an old classic fiddle tune which is, frankly, a necessity…even if you’re foreign to the Ozarks!

wow…the “she’ll be coming round the mountain” lesson seemed like the backup tracks were a little slow. This one, I can’t keep up with the slowest backing track after a couple of days of working on it. I may need to rethink the whole mandolin thing apparently. I am having a hell of a time remembering all of the permutations of the song along with keeping my picking hand correct and keeping up with 140 BPM.

Hey @alex, don’t lose hope, buddy! Those backing tracks are not meant to be litmus tests. I encourage you to try the .tef tab files to play along with the tab at a speed that’s needed for your learning:


Hi Ben

Are the backing tracks half the intro in time as i defo cant get two turn-rounds in like in the preview that you do


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The music part is , yes.

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Thanks for that thought i was going mad

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@BanjoBen Thanks so much for posting how to use the .tef files here. This was so helpful. I didn’t have an issue with the backing tracks for She’s Been Coming Round the Mountain, but for this one I had no idea how I was going to follow along. I found 25% speed a perfect place to start. :smiley: -Wendy