Discuss the lesson: Intro to Music Theory Part 8- Music Keys



Let’s learn all about these thingamajigs called keys!


Best explanation I have found regarding the 1,4,5


Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on fixed ear training(learning all songs in one key to develop the ear for intervals) versus learning different songs in different keys. I was talking to this guy I know who said he learned faster by transcribing all the songs he hears into one key because he is more easily able to identify intervals that way. He said eventually after practicing like that he was able to understand the construction of songs better and learned to improvise faster. It sounds kind of boring to play all songs in one key, but o like the aspect of developing a solid understanding of intervals.


The interval between notes/chords is the same regardless of the key.

You might learn a bit quicker playing in only one key because the fingering,etc is the same every time, but it doesn’t do you any good if the song doesn’t actually go in that key.

Sounds to me like the guy was learning to recognise specific notes…not the interval between (which is the goal)