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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Shady Grove

This is a Doc-style guitar solo for Shady Grove in D minor. However, we’re going to strip it down to the basic melody first, then add some hammer-ons before we dive into Doc’s version.

I haven’t picked up a guitar seriously in years because I don’t really have anyone to jam with and not everyone is into flat and finger picking. I accidently ran across the Shady Grove lesson and it must have been a divine hand or just dumb Google luck that got me there as I was searching for content in one of the college courses I teach and had nothing to do with flatpicking.

I’m just getting started with the 7 day trial an hope to make the most of learning Shady Grove. I’m signed up and unlocked the Shady Grove course. I clicked the ‘Download’ button and about 10 items seemed to download, but I cannot find them. I’m using a Mac and files usually go to my ‘Downloads’ folder. The Jam Track .mp3s and tab files worked OK, but I’m not sure what was downloaded and where. Apparently this can only be done once.

I really like what you are doing and I think I can learn some and hope to play with this over the weekend.

Can you tell me what was downloaded and to where. I’m using a Macintosh.

Thank you - Rich

Hey Rich! Glad to have you on the site, friend. First of all, you’ll have streaming access to this tune even after your trial is over. Second, the download allows the video files to be stored to your browser’s cache file for offline use, but not to your computer’s hard drive (downloads folder, etc.). Some browsers allow this and some don’t, and I’ll be posting some clarification on this in the near future.

When (not if!) you learn this, record a video and put a link here or in the forum! Keep pickin’.

Thanks Ben I have a lot of holiday time coming up and plan working on “Shady Grove”. I did put a new set of D’Addarios on and am making progress.

Thank you for the downloaded files explanation. I teach Network Security and downloading files then not finding files always raises the small hairs. Not a problem with acoustic devices.

Doc Watson’s “Tucker’s Barn” is another great, but not often heard, favorite. I’ll get my arms around “Shady Grove” first.

Thanks for keeping the music alive.


Do you still have another video on the site that goes over the tips to the background rhythm as mentioned in the video? I took a gander for it but didn’t find it. No biggie if not. :slight_smile: This is a fun lesson to tap toes to!

I can’t find it! Where would that sucker be?!

We’ll blame it on the flute player from St. Anne’s Reel :laughing:

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Hey all! Any luck finding the rhythm guitar part for this song? I’m trying to piece it together from playing the MP3 at 140bpm on the Break-Out lesson, but seeing the real thing always helps.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have a rhythm guitar part for it but I do have the jamtrack mp3’s, thanks!

I wish for a rhythm
Guitar part

If you watch Ben’s rythm course, figuring this out should be easy.

After seeing this yesterday I got right to work. Great lesson! Spent 1.5 hours working thru the first two parts. When I added the hammer-ons it really started sounding good. I’ll try and post my first video swap soon.


I can play the rythm, I might try to do a video on it for y’all in a few days

For those looking for some rhythm guidance, if you download the tef pad file, then select rhythm only at the bottom, it will show up and you can print it. There is also an option to print the rhythm and the solo on the same sheet, but its about 5 pages long that way.

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