Discuss the Guitar lesson: Guitar Rhythm with Tony Wray



Tony Wray is a seasoned and successful Nashville Cat, currently touring with the Dan Tyminski Band. I first met Tony when he worked for Gibson building banjos, and I’ve wanted him in the Cabin since the first time I heard him play! In this 40+ minute lesson we talk all about Tony’s unique rhythm approach! FYI, there are no tabs or JamTracks for this one.


Although I don’t play guitar I found this lesson really intriguing. @BanjoBen I got the impression you were somewhat dazzled at times with some of the things Tony was demonstrating :sunglasses:.


This lesson is going to be the icing on my three day weekend cake! Listening to that Crowder guitar will be as much fun as learning Banjo Ben/Wray Rhythm. :slight_smile:


Wow, that is some tasty playing. That big hog guitar sounds so smooth. I love that Gm and the Fmaj7(add9?). Great stuff, thanks for the lesson!

I think it is the perspective, but his guitar looks like it has a few bonus inches across the lower bout.


The guitar is a beast. I’m having one built to the same specs. I think the bout is standard size, but the nut and bridge are quite a bit wider. It felt weird to play it but I think I’m going to like it. Mine should be ready in mid-October.


Thanks for this “mountain” of rhythm lesson to climb and introducing me to Tony Wray. Thanks Ben…your lessons are incredible!


Maybe I’m just easy to please, but that low E string bend Tony did in the middle of the song was so cool! I could feel myself going “Come on! Reach that G note! YOU CAN DO IT!!”


What pick is Tony using?


That was awesome BB, I play guitar but mostly banjo and a good rhythm guitar player is worth his weight in gold


Oh Yeah!!! Get down!!! Happy dance for you!

I found a “good enough” back and side set for your build:


I think Richie would love to get his hands on that…

There are some nice sets from “The Tree” going for under half that, but this one with the big “X” pattern within the pattern seemed pretty sweet.


Lots of good nuggets in this lesson. I like it.


He uses whatever pick he wants, haha! He normally uses BlueChip but he couldn’t find his on this day and used a $.79 Fender medium…the guy can make anything sound good.


Killer stuff here. Thanks BB for this lesson. Tony is soo down to earth and wise. Great Rhythm players are soo KEY to the modality of a song they are often taken for granted… HOT pickers often leave lacking in the rhythm and taste dept. New tools for the tool box…


I too was blown away by the sound of his guitar! His playing is way over my head, however at its foundation there is some stuff anyone can use. For example I use the same basic rhythm pattern he does, (The one that sounds like a train that Ben teaches) but when you add the single note stuff on the up beat of 3 it really sounds cool! :sunglasses:


Thanks to Tony and Ben. Great discussion and demonstration. I’m picking up something really useful in each of these master classes. I’m afraid that eventually I will sound like I know what I’m doing…:astonished:


Simply amazing!