Discuss the Guitar lesson: Blackberry Blossom- Melody Solo



This is a straight-ahead melody arrangement built for speed, and I personally use it for a warm-up and speed builder. We’ll drive home the melody to establish a foundation to improvise upon!


Arkansas Traveler brought me here! This fun song reinforces the D position–much needed help since my comfort zone is the first 3 frets. Thanks!


It’s not just me, right? There’s a syncopation in the second section of the A part, right?


I would call this “playing it straight.” (Tef file of this song is in a swing/shuffle rhythm.) What I think you are hearing is the held F# over the D chord passage. That adds interest and tickles the ear (I missed that–you’ve got a good ear! I was just focusing on getting the notes and speed.) Syncopation is a stress on the off-beat, like putting a quarter note on the “and” part of the beat. It really stands out on songs like “Walking in Jerusalem.” Sing, “I WANT to be ready” and you’ll hear syncopation.


Good call, Aroth! That’s exactly what was happening. I went back and rewatched it. Because he doesn’t pick up his ring finger there it totally keeps the tone alive, fooling me into hearing syncopation. You get points for that sleuthing work!