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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Ballads in G- Crosspicking Guitar Rhythm

Let’s work on playing backup for ballads, especially the syncopated ones like this one that need a steady rhythm bed provided. This is also a wonderful pick accuracy and speed exercise! The song we will learn to accompany is called “Hannah’s Song,” named after my beautiful wife.


Are you going to post a mandolin lesson on this in the future? Please…?

I have the mandolin tab there, both the .pdf and the .tef tab. Check it out then let me know if you need more help. Thanks!

Good–saw the mandolin tab but was wondering if there would be a lesson. I’ll work my way through it and ask questions if needed…Thanks!

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It is very syncopated, extremely! The .tef file is incredibly helpful. Be sure to use that. If you don’t know how:

Wow, my new favorite tune, Hannah’s Song. Love it!!

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Thank you, friend. She loved it too.

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I have to agree, that is a beautiful song. That type guitar rhythm is right up my alley. Well done.

Hope you put words to that one. Thanks for all the great help to provide through your site.

Thanks :slight_smile: Nope, no words for that one. I think I’ll leave it an instrumental.

Awesome Ben. I love it. It has a modern bluegrass tone with a real sweet down home Mountain music feel. Made your wife proud! I see the tab for the guitar cross-picking. Do you have a tab for guitar for the melody? I think I could listen to it a few times and pick up the melody, but it is nice to have the tab to refer to when I can’t seem to get something right. These days that seems to be pretty often. lol

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Thanks :slight_smile: Nope, no guitar solo written for it yet. I’ll probably record a banjo/guitar/mando version for her birthday or something…will tab it all out then.

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Simply Beautiful Ben! Thank you very much, great master of the ropes!

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Sure love this one Ben.

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Hey Ben, is there supposed to be two down-strokes in a row on measures 9 & 25 on the TEF file?

There isn’t, no. Good eye, @bcaves!

OK good. Making sure I wasn’t missing something.

Question. Is it ok for my hand to rest on my bridge when crosspicking? I notice that your hand is always more forward and I have been trying to force mine there for months but it seems I am more accurate when my hand rest firmly on my bridge. Although, I think my hand is more tense when resting on the bridge. Ive broken a lot of bad habits in the past year but this is one I’m having trouble with.

It’s okay for it to lightly brush your bridge, but it should not plant there with much pressure.

Hanna’s Song, beautiful. When is her birthday so I will know when to expect the guitar melody?

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Great idea! Coming in August!