Discuss the Guitar lesson: Angels We Have Heard on High– Guitar



This timeless carol sounds might fine when we grass it up! The melody is a slower one, so we have to get creative to fill in the gaps.


Very nice!! I like it.


Loved it Ben.

Could you tell us a little about that microphone. Looks like it says “Shure”

What model?
Characteristics that make you choose that one for teaching videos?
Why no ear buds needed to record your lesson?
Do you have monitors somewhere?
Ever considered adding sound gear to your store?

Thank You,



Great! Ben, you’re the best musician in the world!:clap::clap:


Great questions. It’s a Shure SM7b. These are common all-purpose studio mics around Nashville, used to record everything from vocals to drums. The versatility is one reason I use it. It’s a dynamic mic, but I run an activator called a Cloudlifter CL-1 that essentially turns the mic into a condenser mic, and requires phantom power.

Look closely! I have the Apple Airpods in my ears. It’s kind of confusing how my signal chain works. It’s easier just to do a quick video.

Yes, I have thought about that! We’re expanding as fast as we can afford to do so, and sound gear isn’t near the top of the list right now…but hopefully within the next year!


You’re so very kind, but I have about 12 guys and gals that live within a couple miles that can play me under the table! Haha


I agree. He is the best multi-instrumentalist I’ve ever seen.


That was fascinating Ben…I’m going to watch this over and over, and hopefully absorb a little bit more each time. (way more to it than I thought).


Great job on this one! I think I’d break something doing the pinkie-slidey thing at 0:36.

Ben, do you use the cloudlifter live?


Beautiful! Looking forward to the mando lesson. Shouldn’t take more than a year or two for me to get it down!


I haven’t used this mic to gig with, but if I did, I would use the lifter!


I guess I need to break down and get one… I love the SM7b, and to make it mo-betta would be… mo betta. My guitar/vocal combo doesn’t have phantom power, so I wouldn’t use it when I am just using that. I do have a vocal pre (that has phantom power), but then I’d be alot more complicated (mic -> cloudlifter -> preamp) than I am now.


Hey Ben,

Watched it again and am slowly catching on, but a couple more questions.

Do you do the bass or rhythm track first? Seems to me it would be easier to play a bass to a rhythm guitar rather than the opposite.

When you’re soloing to your rhythm tracks, can you hear your solo instrument in your airpods as well?

Are singers the last thing to be recorded, and do they hear every track through their headphones as well as their voices?

I’m asking, because I’m trying to get an idea of the entire process.

Thank You,



I don’t think Hank done it this way. :wink:

Thanks for the backstage tour. It is always interesting to see what’s behind the curtain.


I do the bass track first. It’s midi and I type it in with my keyboard, then quantitize to get it perfect. Then, when I record the guitar rhythm, I have both a bass and click to play along with.

When I’m using my airpods, I can only hear the actual acoustic sound from the instrument itself. That makes it more difficult for sure and has taken a lot of practice. When I’m able to use my headphones I can then monitor my instrument, which is easier.

Typically yes, singers are the last to be recorded (harmony vocals the very last). There are times when some overdubs are done after vocals but usually not. They can choose to hear everything as they record, yes, but I have been to lots of sessions where a singer will not want all tracks in their ears, so the engineer customizes a mix that helps them sing the best. Thanks for the questions!


That’s really helpful for the project I’m working on. Thanks!


Another beautiful rendering!! I wish I have time to learn before Christmas but I have practiced “It came upon the mid night clear” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas!” for this Christmas. Keep up the good work, Ben!


Is that Garage Band?


How is power supplied to the Cloud Lifter?


To be more clear, what is the source of the phantom power?