Discuss the Banjo lesson: Worried Man Blues– Hammer-Ons



Let these pull-offs take your blues far, far away.


Will I be able to retake a Lesson I have paid for, in this case Worried Ban Blues…

Will I have access to this lesson from a different computer in my house??? The volume doesn’t work on this (my laptop) computer

Cannot access the lesson


Hey @jcacocks! Sure! The lessons are tied to your account, so as long as you’re logged into your account, you can view the lessons on any device or computer. Thanks!


I also cannot access the standard worried man blues ,is there any way you can put that up again,Thanks


It looks to be working for me. Try this link.


And as Ben mentioned above, make sure you’re logged into the site. If you see a blue “join now” button at the top right of the screen, you’re not logged in