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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Worried Man Blues– Hammer-Ons

Let these pull-offs take your blues far, far away.

Will I be able to retake a Lesson I have paid for, in this case Worried Ban Blues…

Will I have access to this lesson from a different computer in my house??? The volume doesn’t work on this (my laptop) computer

Cannot access the lesson

Hey @jcacocks! Sure! The lessons are tied to your account, so as long as you’re logged into your account, you can view the lessons on any device or computer. Thanks!

I also cannot access the standard worried man blues ,is there any way you can put that up again,Thanks

It looks to be working for me. Try this link.

And as Ben mentioned above, make sure you’re logged into the site. If you see a blue “join now” button at the top right of the screen, you’re not logged in

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Ben, I gotta tell ya… I’ve been playing banjo for 2 years from different learning websites- but nothiong compares to yours.I started over as a beginner, with you, and am having a BLAST. I know worried man blues is a simple song… but you make it challenging and FUN. I also know I must be learning something- cause it actually is starting to sound like I know what I’m doing! Thanks


Chuck, that is so great to hear! I really appreciate your kind words! Keep me posted on your progress.

This is a real interesting lesson. I struggled greatly trying to forget the other version of this song to learn the other. I just kept running them together. In all honesty I was enjoying the tunes f the version from the forward reverse roll lesson with this song. SO i reviewed the two versions and figured out how to incorporate the hammerons and even a slide into the first version. I am missing exercising the square roll but really got a lot of satisfaction out of building the song I knew into a more complex version.

Any thoughts on this being a good or bad approach to learning the hammerons this way? I dont want to compromise the learning path just got creative to my approach on this one.


I think your approach is wonderful! You’re learning how to integrate the components yourself, which is what I’m trying to help you see!