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Two solos for this one in A minor, but we’re playing out of the G minor position and capoing at the 2nd fret. The first solo is the basic melody, while the 2nd solo has some super slick bluesy thrills!


I’m just starting the basic melody…aaaand loving it. Popular at local jams here.


there are 2 ways one can go with this tune,Ben’s Capo 2nd G minor approach or open “G” out of A minor positions,it’s Hard to decide,Ben’s rendition is Freekin’ AWESOME,what to do,what to do???


You know what, I was listening closely to the melody when he was playing the Bluesy 1st pt with all those great licks and I discovered that if you can play this tune you can play that old “Jazz Classic” Sumertime,when the living is easy" with a few minor alterations ,WOW


@BanjoBen In measure 47 do you “pop” those two slides by vamping?


Hmmm, I’m trying to imagine exactly what you mean. I pick the first two strings right on the downbeat of beats 1 and 2, then slide immediately. You can hear what I do at 1:09 in this video: https://banjobenclark.com/lessons/wayfaring-stranger-banjo/video/bluesy-solo-slow


In this video at 6:48, you referenced being able to “pop” the slides in those measures or not. I was curious if you were getting the pop by vamping or via another method?


Ahhh, gotcha. Actually, I’m talking about the 2nd fret double stop in measure 46. What I mean by “pop” is to cut it off with my fret hand and not let it ring out, so that it makes a more percussive sound.


Ohh! I see now. Thanks.


Fantastic lesson @BanjoBen so many interesting & challenging licks to learn