Discuss the Banjo lesson: Unclouded Day Build-A-Break



These tabs have two very important roles: 1) Learn 3 different varieties of the classic tune, “Unclouded Day.” 2) Learn how to progressively build a break starting with the basic melody! These tabs accompany an incredible lesson that shows you how to find a basic melody, add pinches and filler licks, then slick it up even more with hammers, slides and blues notes!


I love the lesson. i’v been working on it about 3 weeks and am already almost done with the chorus. Thanks Banjo Ben for the lesson!


Great to hear, @robospidy!


I can play along fairly well with levels 1 & 2 when i follow the tab. When I play along without looking its much more challenging. I’m trying to get away from always using the tab. Any tips on that?


I memorize best by learning sections at a time and then combining the learned sections. The TEF Viewer is great for that. Just highlight the sections you’re trying to learn and hit play. It’ll repeat until you stop it.

Using that method, I got the entire verse of Blackberry Blossom committed to memory today in under 30 minutes.


Repetition! As @Mark_Rocka said repeat each section over and over ad nauseam. I don’t use tef tab, but it is very useful if you do.


Thanks , great tips


Is it important that I use the thumb for the notes on the 3rd/G string? It seems more convenient to use the index finger especially when there is a roll just before or after where you used the index finger on the 3rd string already.


@JoeB, if it is a quarter note, lots of folks prefer the power of the thumb. If it’s an eighth note, you’ll want to play it with whatever finger is available


I notice I naturally like to use my thumb before a roll and my index finger after a roll.


Hi @JoeB If you listen carefully to what @BanjoBen has to say about using the thumb you wont go far wrong.


You can do what’s most comfortable in most situations :wink: