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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Silent Night- Beginner Version

Not much of a Silent Night when banjos are involved! Let’s play a beginner version in the key of C!


You can find the other banjo version here:


Dang it. My set list just got bumped… again. :upside_down_face:

Jumping on this…


It’s a great lesson to work through @JohnnyD you should also check out this too


This version looks like it has some fun stuff to play around with. I like the pinches. Easy enough and slow so I can pick it up easily but some nice challenges too.

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Oh! I hadn’t realised you had posted a NEW arrangement of Silent Night in C @BanjoBen when I posted my earlier reply to @JohnnyD

This sounds great and a much simpler arrangement than the one you posted 7 years ago in G which I love.

If you are looking for suggestions for other traditional Christmas hymns & carols you may care to check out a couple of my childhood favourites. Not sure if they would fit the banjo but I feel sure they would work well for guitar and mandolin.

Once in Royal David’s City
In the Bleak Midwinter
Hark the Herald Angels Sing


I’d love a longer backing track! Like 3-4 times through, Maybe i’m missing that somewhere. Love this easy arrangement.

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Hi @BanjoBen Measure 12 walk down. The second pinch sounds off to my ear. I much prefer the sound of the open second string.

Love this! Thanks for making it easy :blush:

I used Strum Machine for the longer backing track. Are you familiar with it?

Here’s my stab at Silent Night in G. Maybe someone with more experience can suggest which path to take. I was thinking of the modulation from C to G. Would that sound better, or perhaps G to C?


Great job on this, @JohnnyD!

I would do the C version first because it’s simpler, then I’d play a D7 then go into the G version here.


hey ben! do you think you could do a lesson on i’ll fly away?


Hi @mightymanarchery Charles welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum. As you are new here you won’t know that Ben doesn’t do lesson’s on material that is still in copyright, he needs to protect his livelihood. I’ll Fly Away is still in copyright. However the good news is there are other teachers out there that have covered this tune. Check the link below.'ll+fly+away+banjo+lesson

Hey @mightymanarchery, I’m not able to teach a lesson without the licenses but I can upload the tab here on the forum…you can find it here: Banjo Tab for I'll Fly Away



I’m so new everything hurts my brain but I love it. I’m half way through or a bit more with memorizing this then just ad some speed and proper timing. That partial F is cool sounding and I don’t recall using it in the beginner track so far so that was new as was starting with the 2nd finger winding up a string. All good skills to practice and I’m seeing little bit by little bit how the skills or techniques start to build on each other. Thanks Ben for doing an easy one like this for the new guys at it gives our families something different to suffer through that is at least seasonal! :slight_smile: