Discuss the Banjo lesson: Intro to Banjo Backup



Back it on up, friend! Let’s begin to look at basic banjo backup theory and techniques.


Hi Ben. Ben here :slight_smile:

When I try to go from the Y to X position, I always end up shifting my hand and THEN switching my fingers, while it looks like you are able to do it simultaneously. Its resulting in me getting behind when I try to follow along with the lesson. How would you recommend I practice to try to get my transition smoother?


This is something you just got to work at Ben. I know of no short cuts, just patience, practice and perseverance. Is the best advise I can offer.


@bsthoma3, I made you this video…lemme know if it helps.


Wow, thank you. Not only was this a fast response, but you made a video… that’s hospitality right there. I’m on the week trial right now and you just convinced me to commit to a membership.

Also- that really helps a lot… Breaking it into components is helping me get it. Thanks so much, have a great weekend!


I’ll be honored to have you on board, and will do all I can to help you progress. Welcome!


Can I just say Ben whist’s your pondering your options. I have tried all the top teaching methods out there and I can say with all honesty @BanjoBen 's Life Membership is by far THE BEST bang for buck there is.