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A complete overview of strings, notes, fingers, frets, and more!

You don’t mention about playing the measure in a certain key.

That’s not really the point of the lesson. Rather, it’s an intro the elements you’ll see within a tab.

Hi Ben, I’m getting an error message when I try to download the pdf of the tabs. Can you help?


PS - I love your site. You’re providing a wonderful service to newbies like me :):grinning:

Interesting! I’m sorry about that. I just downloaded them and they worked great. Please try another browser/device. If that doesn’t work, please email me the help page and I’ll send you the tabs that way.

I came across this image which helped me understand this. I was getting frustrated because after reading regular music scales, etc., I just couldn’t wrap my head around this.
Hope this helps:


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Do I need to do all the lessons on reading banjo tabs if I can already understand them fluently?

If you think you can move on comfortably go for it.

You can always come back if you run into something you don’t understand.



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Ben says in the video that we should have watched the “Theory” videos first…I have never played an instrument in my life until I got my banjo last June. I watched the first “Theory” and it was like watching someone speak in Greek. How important is it that I watch them? Do I just do it and hope to grasp something?

Well, they will help you understand the music better, as well as many conversations here on the forum.

It certainly can’t hurt, and you may just have a light turn on for you on something.

You can always refer any questions to the forum here if you need to talk out something you’re not quite grasping.

In the end, I’d suggest watching them…if you don’t understand something feel free to watch it multiple times …but it’s your choice to make. :grinning:

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Thank you sir! I will give it a whirl and watch them. Hopefully I will retain some of the info that is out there for me to learn from.


One of the great things about the theory lessons is that you can listen to them while you multitask. I’ve listened to some of them a few times (like the fretboard geography lessons) while driving between customer sites.

Since it’s just knowledge you’re gaining and not technique, you can sit down for the application part at any time, but still gain the knowledge without ever touching an instrument. :slight_smile:

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Is the Beginner Banjo Learning Track basically in order that a beginner like myself should start in?

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It’s in a decent order for beginners. Once you get in to full songs, you can bounce around a bit.

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