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Discuss the Banjo lesson: How to Play Banjo Hammer-Ons

You don’t have to be a carpenter to be proficient at hammer-ons…let me show you every which way they can be done.

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wow-those hammer ons take some stretching. …also some care in not muting the surrounding strings, when playing the target notes/rolls
I’ve never tried the multiple fret hammer ons. I’m sure they’ll get easier with practice-like everything else!

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Yes! Remember this is an exercise that is designed to “stretch” you and cause you to approach hammer-ons from many different angles. Stay with it!

Hallo Ben,

I have a question about lifting the indexfinger, when doing the hammer on while hitting the targetnote.

Is it better to keep fretting with the indexfinger, while doing the hammer on with the ringfinger?


You know, that is a great question and I’m going to say yes, at least at first, to keep the first finger down as I think it builds strength and independence.