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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Cripple Creek– Slides

Let’s put those newly-learned slides to practice with a fun version of Cripple Creek!

Should we try to play this perfectly before moving on to the next lesson and what speed should we try to achieve?

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I’d rather have it slow and perfect. There is no particular target speed. More importantly, be able to play through it with no hesitations or big stumbles and begin to feel like you “own” it.

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Joe, that is one of the best lessons for learning banjo basics, it introduces you to slides, hammer on’s, pull/push offs, pinches and some great roll patterns which you will use again and again as your experience grows…

Cripple creek is the first song I learned how to play. However, I learned it from YouTube lessons and not Tab and not with a Metronome. So, although I can play all the notes, it sounds different than others that learned to play it in correct timing. So, even though I know how to do slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs, I am going to go through these lessons slowly until I can play them in correct time and flawlessly. :slight_smile: