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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Cripple Creek– Hammer-Ons

Same ol’ tune, different techniques…we’re gonna make sure we’re not up Cripple Creek without a hammer.

For the hammer-ons, should we be really hitting that hammer hard? I feel like I can’t hear it that well, or at least as well enough as when Ben plays it.

No, it shouldn’t be really hard. It just needs to be decisive :slight_smile:

In the slide lesson, you slide from the A to the B. In this lesson you hammer on from A to A#/Bb. That dissonance kills me (not in a good way) when you simultaneously pick the B natural on the second string. Is there a reason you do it this way?

When you get up to speed it sounds good, but it sounds terrible slow. You can’t easily hammer on all the way to the B note, and the dissonance is great done fast.

Yeah, I started to see that when I re-watched the preview video. Practicing slow… it’s awful.

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One thing people do when they get more proficient, is more the Bb when they hit the B string

Yes, sounds bad slow, but provides a necessary dissonance when played faster :slight_smile: